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Someday I will get actual hate mail on this site, but I’ll completely ignore it because I’ll assume it’s Greycat nerdshaming me.

this is a common problem, you are not alone. girldwarf has yet to realize when anons are me though so I’m enjoying that as long as I can.

tfw you’re on mobile and it feels like you’re endlessly scrolling to get past the long-ass reblog thread of nerd shit that some nerd you follow reblogged


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Custom SHODAN PC case (x)

From the start, topless sunbathing was associated not with female liberation generally, but with female sexual liberation alone, which caught on as quickly as it did precisely because it necessarily liberated men too. It was OK to gaze admiringly at pictures of women’s breasts, and meditate on how fab it would be to have sex with those women, who, liberated as they were, would surely accept that very marvellous compliment with grateful enthusiasm…

But, far from promoting the idea that women’s bodies, especially their breasts, were their own business, sexual or asexual according to the intentions of their owner, breasts became public property, with examples all over the media of how the very best breasts looked. If your own breast didn’t measure up, so to speak, then surgery was easy to come by.

In such an aggressive cultural climate, it’s hardly surprisingly that women are deciding public toplessness isn’t quite worth the unwanted attention and presumption that it attracts. The move away from topless sunbathing is not really a sign that women’s bodily emancipation has regressed. It’s more a sign that what was supposed to be a liberation never did gain broad understanding, acceptance or respect, from the very start.
plain is how i want to look until i can get awesome cybernetic skin

plain is how i want to look until i can get awesome cybernetic skin