have you seen the yellow sign
Yeah, we’re gonna be covering Foucault, Lyotard, and Derrida. Pomo as hell.

derrida. good luck, you’re gonna need it. i feel like fully understanding a single paragraph from him is a huge milestone in any pomo’s journey through theory :D

Tim Schafer (Pyschonaut, Brutal Legend etc) came out in support of Anita Sarkeesian which erupted an uproar in the dudebro gamer culture, including Jontron
all i heard is that he’s some ableist gamer dude?? i’m not sure what it’s about

i guess what i don’t get is why this is cause for such a shitstorm but that may be because i’m not a dudebro gamer

i also don’t get why dudebro gamers believe on one hand that gaming is a male domain and dumb female gamers and feminazis are ruining it, but on the other they go on in gross ways about wanting a “hot gamer chick” as a girlfriend or whatever, any insight there?

omg that sounds amazing omg

you’ve quoted debord before and i was thinking of that while reading the syllabus but somehow he’s not on there. so many cool other people are though. foucault, adorno, lacan, zizek… and so on :D

I’ll be thinking about that while I’m in my awesome contemporary French philosophy class.

hey you’ll probably be reading pomo shit too. nerds unite

you guys have no idea how excited i am for my media studies seminar. it’s organized around four critical theoretical approaches to exploring the intersections of media, technology, and culture which are marxism, postmodernism, (post)structuralism, and psychoanalysis. be jealous nerds.


Right-wing men: female bodies should be private property.

Left-wing men: female bodies should be common property.


So at work yesterday we only had pink spoons to hand out for the frozen yogurt and every male asked if we had a different color spoon because they did not like pink and it’s femininity and lemme tell u that this proves boys are weak and a fuckjng pink spoon proved that

holy hell even i wouldn’t ask for a different spoon and i despise pink like no one even understands

can someone explain this jontron thing I’m suddenly seeing everywhere? it has to do with like dudebro gamer misogyny i’m pretty sure, but what has caused all these posts about misogyny in gamer communities within the past few days or so?


Prof. Günther Schneider-Siemssen. sketch for the Frau ohne Schatten at the Vienna State Opera


Prof. Günther Schneider-Siemssen. sketch for the Frau ohne Schatten at the Vienna State Opera

[Racism] is the precondition for exercising the right to kill. If the power of normalization wished to exercise the old sovereign right to kill, it must become racist. And if, conversely, a power of sovereignty, or in other words, a power that has the right of life and death, wishes to work with the instruments, mechanisms, and technology of normalization, it too must become racist. When I say “killing, ” I obviously do not mean simply murder as such, but also every form of indirect murder: the fact of exposing someone to death, increasing the risk of death for some people, or, quite simply, political death, expulsion, rejection, and so on.
Michel Foucault (Society Must Be Defended)